What people are saying...

About the online courses in Wilful Blindness...

Tom's enthusiasm and drive to instill the importance of addressing wilful blindness in teams and organisations is clear, relevant, and relatable.

Jade, Healthcare Institute 

"This course reveals a huge opportunity for public services to release the potential of their employees, for their benefit, the benefit of their service users, and wider society."

Michael, Community Leader 

"Inspirational. Thought-provoking, full of practical ideas. A great resource, one in which Tom shares unique insights." 

Michelle, Healthcare Leader 

"I wish I'd had this learning resource twenty years ago."

Clive, Mental Health Professional 

Educational Student Engagement events...

"Incredibly engaging, smart, well put together. The subjects are no longer abstract theories." 

Ben, Politics Major, Anselm College 

"The Center for Ethics in Society invited Tom to give a talk about willful blindness, a hazard for any and all organizations and communities. It was an excellent program. Tom speaks with insight born from painful experience, careful reflection, and a passion for truth and justice. We would recommend him highly." 

Max J. Latona, Ph.D. Executive Director, Center for Ethics in Society, Saint Anselm College

Specialist Health and Care Webinars...

"Tom's half-day session on the need for greater humanity and integrity in public service was superb. He sees the issue from many angles".

NHS Freedom to Speak Up Guardian 

"Hearing Tom share his lived experience has started to make me think about the presence and impact of wilful blindness in myself and the organisation I lead."

John H, NHS Clinical Leader 

"At times uncomfortable, but compelling, Tom spoke from the heart, and with an understanding of the matters at hand that can only come from experience".

Michael S, NHS Trust Director 

Presenting to larger audiences...

"Deeply moving, raw and heartbreaking, It has made me understand that it is essential for people to take responsibility when they witness unethical behaviour within their company or institution."

Attendee, 2021 National Patient Safety Congress 


"Very few people can speak so openly and with such empathy about the tragedies that have beset them, yet still make you feel like it's okay to laugh."

Rachel, Director - Specialist Care Services  

"Interesting and thought-provoking."

Andrew, Senior Manager - PHSO