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Tom Bell - The Killing of Alison V2 (Paperback).jpg

"Couldn't put it down."
Rachel, Chief Executive
Time To Change 

"...the author delivers spectacularly..."
Medical Journalists' Association 


"Tom's ideas for reform make a great deal of sense."
NHS Manager (anon)

Reviews of Tom's book, Lions, Liars, Donkeys and Penguins


"A very valuable reminder that, at its worst, and even with the best of intent to begin with, our experience of a really bad bureaucracy can be no different from tyranny." 

Rory Sutherland

Vice-Chairman Ogilvy

"The ongoing struggle Tom and his family have experienced in accessing truth and justice is one faced by too many people in the UK to this day. This book is an important reflection on that struggle, and on the defensiveness of public services who failed Alison when she needed them most." 

Deborah Coles 

Executive Director INQUEST

"This tragic tale is representative of the general failure of our institutions to act morally, whose leaders worry more about their reputation than their organisation's purpose. Insightful, compelling and disturbing." 

John Seddon

Managing Director Vanguard 

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