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Privacy policy:

Current legislation requires that this website displays a privacy policy. I would love to be able to tell you exactly how the information trail you provide, deliberately or unintentionally, when you visit this website is used, but in all honesty, I can't. I could tick a box by copying someone else's GDPR compliant policy into this page or create a link to a lengthy document in the hope nobody would ever read it, which would look great but be pointless.


You should be aware that any trail of data you create when visiting this website, other than the information you knowingly submit may be influenced by many factors including your browser, your location, your security, and privacy settings, and whether your organization manages these, if you are using a shared or public network, and the security measures that the company hosting this website ( has in place and how well these are working.

What I can assure you of is that any information submitted intentionally by you is held as securely as possible and will not knowingly be shared or used for any purpose other than communication regarding this website and the topics highlighted in it. Anonymized visitor data is gathered to help me understand the patterns and use levels of this site. 


The simple guidance applied in relation to Cormetis (HIPSS Ltd) use of data is MAD; Maintain (store securely), Assess (review annually), and Destroy (delete data not used in a reasonable timescale and unlikely to be so).  


Cormetis (HIPSS Ltd) is registered with the Information Commissioners Office CLICK HERE. If you have any concerns please don't hesitate to contact me, Tom Bell, as the nominated data protection officer directly via

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