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The prayer of the Public Sector

Our Funders (and/or regulators) who art in office presently,

Hallowed be thy top-down objectives and unilaterally agreed targets,

May thy ideological position be ever the driving force of all our activity,

And thy view from the ivory tower of office of how the world should be, come to pass.

Grant us this day our rightful expected financial allowance from your coffers,

(whilst we avoid calling it the Public's Money or inferring any direct link to Taxpayers),

And forgive us when our services fail to meet your expectations; not the expectations of those who pay for them,

Just as we forgive the users of our services for thinking that we might be accountable for any such shortcomings.

Lead us not into other political ideologies that might mean we have to change direction,

(although occasionally this provides useful opportunities for distraction and navel-gazing),

And deliver our markets from competition and any semblance of privatization or transparent comparison,

For yours are the outputs, the outcomes and all and any other credit that might possibly be attributed to whatever we do.


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