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Hi, my name is Tom Bell

I'm an author, consultant, speaker and trainer.

In 1991 my sister Alison took her own life after she had been groomed and abused by a nurse while she was a patient in an NHS mental health hospital. In an unrelated incident two decades later, I lost my job as a manager in the NHS after raising concerns and whistleblowing. I understand the importance of creating open, safe and learning cultures in healthcare organisations.     

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Informed intelligent consultancy based on lived, learned and professional experience.

Why did I establish Cormetis?

Healthcare is facing unprecedented challenges that require fresh analysis and new thinking. I established Cormetis Consulting to help provide this. I possess a wealth of relevant competencies, insights and knowledge gained from experience working at all levels in the private, public and third sectors. My professional expertise combined with my learned and lived experience has given me valuable insights and a unique perspective on the complex challenges facing healthcare.    

What does Cormetis mean? 

The word Cormetis combines the root of the Latin word for courage, Cor, which means to speak one’s mind by telling all one’s heart, and Metis, the Titan Goddess of counsel and planning whose wisdom was said to come from her ability to see things from many perspectives. The patient-safe wilfully aware cultures of the future will be those in which people feel safe sharing their views with leaders, managers and colleagues who are both equipped and willing to listen with empathy.

Why should you work with me? 

I can help you develop safer, more effective, productive, trusting, trusted, compassionate, responsive, open, and well-led cultures in which staff thrive and service-user expectations are met. The insights and behavioural knowledge I possess, are the product of four decades of experience, observation, and a commitment to lifelong learning. My networks are global and I am a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute. I work with compassion, sensitivity, empathy, and discretion.  

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