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Informed intelligent consultancy based on lived, learned, and professional experience

What does Cormetis mean? The word Cormetis combines the root of the Latin word for courage, Cor which means to speak one’s mind by telling all one’s heart, and Metis, a Titan Goddess of counsel and planning whose wisdom arose from her ability to see things from many perspectives.

Why did I establish Cormetis? Healthcare is facing unprecedented challenges that require fresh analysis and new thinking and I established Cormetis to provide this. As a former NHS manager who lost my job after whistleblowing and as someone whose sister took their own life after being abused in an NHS hospital, I want to use my lived, learned, and professional experience to help healthcare services improve and ensure some good will come from what my family and I have been through.    

Why should you work with me? My expertise and passion is patient safety. I know how to help leaders create the conditions in which people feel able to speak up and how to develop cultures that make services safer for patients. The unique insights and behavioral knowledge I possess are the product of almost four decades of observation and a personal commitment to lifelong learning. I work with compassion, sensitivity, empathy, and discretionI am a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute.

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