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Click the image to access my unique online course in Wilful Blindness... 


What participants say about my online course...

"This is an inspirational introduction and Tom sets out clearly why wilful blindness is such a pernicious symptom. His lived experience gives him the authority to talk about topics which are considered taboo in most organisations. I feel like Tom is talking to me when he says that the road to truth-telling can be tough and lonely. I wish that I had had this learning resource twenty years ago."

Mental Health Professional

"We are the sum of our experience and Tom has certainly used his very sad traumatic experience to try to make public services more accountable. It can sometimes feel daunting to speak up in huge bureaucratic organisations like the NHS. Never ignore your moral compass. A great resource and one in which Tom brings some unique insights to all of us."

NHS Leader

"...humour with a knowingly accurate ring to it. The huge implication from this course is that the working lives of a large number of professionals are effectively wasted, as the organisations they work in avoid drawing on their full talent base and skill set."

Community Leader 

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