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How well-led is your organisation...

Leadership is the defining attribute in any organisation, be it public, private, or voluntary. Good leaders create the conditions in which every employee has the opportunity to achieve excellence and fulfillment as part of something larger than themselves. Poor leadership can strip even the most talented of individuals and teams of their desire and ability to make the smallest of differences. Leadership is THE differentiating factor separating high-performing organisations from their counterparts. 

How do the leaders in your organisation know if they are optimising the organisations resources and enabling its employees to create and deliver value? Do leaders at every level have the capacities and capabilities needed to create the conditions in which the right things can happen?

Do leaders share a meaningful common vision and has the vision been created collaboratively and communicated effectively throughout the entire organisation? Are leaders holding themselves and each other to account in relation to achieving the organisations vision and goals?

Are leaders proactively seeking to create an engaged, open, and caring culture in which mistakes are acknowledged and seen as part of a journey of continuous improvement. A culture in which blame has been replaced by learning, and a culture from which the delivery of high-quality sustainable services can be provided?  

Does information flow freely throughout the organisation, to and from its stakeholders? Do leaders seek and welcome conflicting views? And is the need to manage risk balanced with a desire and a capacity to enable and stimulate innovation? 

I can help leaders assess and understand their present position and work with them to develop a path from their present position toward their desired state... 

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