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Leadership makes the difference - how well-led is your organisation?

Leadership is the differentiating factor separating high-performing organisations from their counterparts; public, private, or voluntary. Good leaders focus on creating the conditions in which the right things can happen and in which every employee has the opportunity to achieve excellence and fulfillment as part of something larger than themselves.

Evidence shows that safe organisational cultures of trust, that facilitate learning, and practice non-judgemental accountability, in which people are supported to speak up freely, encouraged to share their thinking, and where ethical blindspots are acknowledged, are essential to delivering effective, efficient, high-quality, safe services. Reducing harm, saving money, and retaining staff in the process. I can work with you to:

  1. Help leaders assess and understand their present position as perceived by all their stakeholders,

  2. Unlock the power of servant leadership to increase the influence and impact of leaders at all levels,

  3. Develop a path from the present position towards a desired future state.

Tom’s session was so powerful, he presents in such an engaging and challenging and thoughtful way.” - Dr Jayne Chidgey-Clark, National Freedom to Speak Up Guardian

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