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Creating a wilfully aware organisation...

Wilful blindness is a naturally occurring human behavior. It manifests itself in many ways and in many different situations and settings. You may know it as blind spot bias, conscious avoidance, moral myopia, motivated blindness, summit fever, tunnel vision, or wilful ignorance.


Many of the tragedies that have beset healthcare, and the damaging events of recent years that have affected public, private, and third-sector companies like VW, Oxfam, the Co-Op, and the NHS, could all have been prevented had these organisations developed wilfully aware cultures. I can help leaders and organisations

  1. Understand the harmful impact of wilful blindness, what it is, why it matters, and what it costs,

  2. Address the many forms of wilful blindness present in people, teams, and organisations,

  3. Bust the myth of the curved ball and establish a path toward creating a wilfully aware organisation.

"Hearing Tom share his lived experience has made me think about the presence and impact of wilful blindness on myself, in my organisation, and on patients." John H - NHS Clinical Leader 

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