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Lasting improvement begins with understanding...

One of the most enduring principles I was introduced to as a business advisor, was that improvement begins with understanding. Be wary of the phrase, "we are where we are, and now we just need to move forward". It is often used with good intent but it suggests little interest in understanding how you arrived where you are. The quickest win I can share with you is to tell you to stop using the phrase, quick wins.

It's incredibly important to remind ourselves in any situation we are in, that we are where we are today because of decisions made previously, not all of which would have been in our control. But making time to understand how we arrived where we are is an important key to unlocking the future we want, personally and organisationally. As we take time to do this we realise the issues facing us now are largely the result of how previous decisions were made, and this allows us to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past that created our present challenges.  

In short, seeking to understand where we are, how we got there, and what the forces were that brought us to that point, is the best place to start any journey of system-wide, organisational, or self-improvement. Context is everything, and everything is connected.  

Introspection isn’t always comfortable for people or teams. The culture of some organisations precludes them from looking too closely at past decisions and this is where expert facilitation can help to objectively and impartially uncover the impact of past decisions and capture the learning from them.

If you would like to talk with me about how I could help you and your organisation gain clarity about your present position and how to move forward, use the form below to arrange an introductory conversation... 

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