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The most challenging, insightful, and practical workshop on patient safety you will attend...

This powerful, interactive, engaging one-day workshop is for senior and aspiring leaders in health and care who are serious about making services safer. Guaranteed to have a lasting impact this workshop is delivered in two closely integrated modules.

Module one unearths the individual and collective impact of the hidden biases that exist in all of us and that get in the way of patient safety. Module two translates understanding into action, building on the critical behavioral insights gained and equipping leaders with tools to turbocharge their impact and increase patient safety. Attendees will:     

  1. Gain new insights and acquire practical tools and techniques to increase patient safety, 

  2. Understand the four types of harm and the long-term costs associated with each, 

  3. Learn the core behaviors leaders at all levels can demonstrate to create patient safe cultures of trust.

Outstanding! Tom is the only serious resource any health and care provider needs to improve safety.” - Jon Wilks, Chief Executive - Institute of Health & Social Care Management   

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