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How engaged, connected, and collaborative is your organisation?

Attention is our scarcest resource, individually and organisationally. And it's being fought over constantly. We are exposed to hundreds, sometimes thousands of messages competing for our attention every single day. Traditional forms of internal communication account for less than ten percent of employee perceptions about the organisation they work for. Ninety percent of employee perceptions are formed by witnessing the actions and observing the formal and informal structures and behaviors of managers and peers in their everyday work environments. 

Research from multiple sectors reveals strong links between higher employee engagement and reduced stress, improved well-being, increased job satisfaction, greater staff retention, and increased productivity. Engaged employees are absent for fewer days each year and are significantly more mentally present at work. I can work with you to:

  1. Identify the gaps between your strategic communication goals and the perception of stakeholders,  

  2. Establish what matters to each of your organisational audiences,

  3. Implement internal and external communication strategies and plans that will have a real impact. 

"Amazing, Tom's session was so thought-provoking.NHS Freedom to Speak Up Guardian.

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