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Are you aware of the enormous cost of cultural conformity to your organisation?

Many organisations unwittingly suppress their greatest asset and the greatest gift that we as humans possess, our curiosity, and our ability to think, question, and reason. Excessively compliant cultures stifle innovation and reward people for sameness and passivity while discouraging displays of difference or independent acts of improvement.

In organisations and departments providing critical services, compliance and conformity can create closed cultures in which people are encouraged to hide their mistakes, and opportunities for learning are routinely missed. This can lead to learned helplessness, a condition in which employees become passive consumers of their employment experience with no interest in shaping or improving the work they do. I can work with you to: 

  1. Help leaders and staff recognise that organisational compliance and silence are seldom golden,

  2. Identify and address the presence of the two F words that create passivity, fear and futility,

  3. Lever the power of vulnerability to unleash the potential in leadership and operational teams.

"A really inspiring and thought-provoking session. Amazing, you were incredibly inspiring." Michael - Healthcare Team Lead 

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