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Create patient-safe cultures by learning how to harness conflicting & diverse views...

The individual and organisational biases we possess which unintentionally sideline and silence alternative views and create cultures where constructive conflict is avoided, ultimately lead to the emergence of problems. Sometimes tragic in their consequences. The world's most successful organisations proactively encourage the surfacing of difference, often going to great lengths to unearth and harness divergent views and perceptions. 

Does your organisation understand the risks that not seeking and welcoming diverse perceptions can generate? Does qualitative and quantitative information and data flow freely and reach the people who need it? Is the need to manage risk and reputation balanced with a genuine desire and capacity to enable, encourage, and harness conflicting views? I can help leaders:

  1. Recognise and capitalise on the value that differing views and perceptions can bring to an organisation,

  2. Learn how to create the conditions in which people feel safe enough to share their views openly,

  3. Implement multi-channel listening to seek, find, face, and embrace the uncomfortable. 

"Engaging - interesting - thought provoking - my understanding has increased - the only criticism is that the session was too short." - Managers and Staff, Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman
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